Capital Grass, Artificial grass installers Greenwich offer advice on synthetic lawns

The cost of maintaining a lawn can be excessive, not just watering, which in hot areas could take up as much as 70% of your water bill, but in tools, keeping a reliable mower going, and various fertilizers. If someone is doing it for you, then you also have to pay for that service.

Commercial landscaping can cost thousands of pounds annually for companies and commercial properties. Commerce is hard enough anyway; why not use that money to develop your business?

For everyone concerned there is also the time factor and effort needed. Wouldn’t you just prefer sitting in a reclining chair at the weekends on lovely authentic looking grass sipping something special, that you purchased with the money you saved?

Artificial Grass Installers Greenwich

Local businesses and homeowners can benefit from our Artificial grass installers Greenwich by make that dream a reality.

Widespread use of artificial grass

The use of artificial grass is becoming widespread, alongside roadways, rooftop patios, and even zoos, schools and amusement parks. If you have children then their safety is paramount, playing on these types of surfaces are extremely safe as they are not abrasive or hard. That is why many local councils are installing artificial grass in community play areas.

According to Artificial grass installers Greenwich, airports, government buildings and underground shopping centres are other places that are changing to artificial surfaces. Some spots are just too difficult for natural grass to grow, because of lack of light or heavy footfall.

Artificial grass installers Greenwich

If you have pets, Artificial grass installers Greenwich will have a variety of synthetic grass products that are suitable for pets to run and tumble on. No more muddy paws or digging holes. The environment will also be free from ticks and fleas, which prevents any spread of possible disease. This type of artificial grass can easily be washed down.

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