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The benefits of using artificial grass South London

Artificial Grass South LondonLow maintenance is a phrase we all like to hear. Anything that will do the job well, but require less work has to be worth looking into. Forget all that poor quality plastic matting of the past; we are talking state of the art, modern materials that cover every aspect and problem you may encounter. So at Capital Grass we provide customers with Artificial Grass South London and we’re on hand to explain exactly what constitutes low maintenance.

How about a surface that is tough enough to withstand being played on by a premiership football side for training. A surface that can withstand your kids and your dog’s rough and tumble games, including animal urine. A surface that will look good years after you first put it down. How about grass inside in your business foyer, or even on your roof terrace, with no need to water it?

Check out what Capital Grass can offer. Continuous innovation has transformed synthetic grass; it is now highly realistic and comes in numerous colour tones and different lengths, including what appears to be spongy under-grass for real authenticity.

Depending on your requirements it can fulfil numerous functions and there will be a variety to suit. We can provide artificial grass South London for small individual orders right up to large scale coverage. All products are environmentally safe and do not harm the sub-soil.

As hardwearing as tarmac is, it isn’t forgiving when children inevitably take a tumble. South London schools benefit from, can’t stop children from falling over in the playground, but it can soften the blow considerably.

According to statistics, over 50 million square meters of synthetic grass has already been laid across the world, and this figure will increase rapidly when the benefits, including costs and low maintenance, becomes more of a consideration, especially for sports complexes and business. However even an area in your back garden will save on labour, with the time it normally takes to keep a lawn in good condition. Just think, no more weeding, mowing or trimming edges.

Capital Grass are recommended installers of Namgrass Artificial Grass South London contact us today for further information.

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