Artificial Lawn Installers Oxted

Get the perfect surface through artificial lawn installers Oxted

Artificial Lawn Installers Oxted

Not all artificial grass surfaces are the same, it depends on what you intend using it for. Nowadays you can get long lush looking grass of 30 plus millimetres in length, for that inviting ‘let’s lie in it ‘appeal, ideal for kids and pets to rough and tumble. The materials are completely safe and hardwearing and can be easily washed down if there are any little accidents.

Oxted home and business owners can enjoy

On the other hand you may need a short tough 10 millimetre surface for playing sport on. Some surfaces are even a different colour, Hockey may require blue grass, but there is certainly more than one shade of green available. The lifespan of these modern materials will easily pay back the initial costs. There will be a guarantee with the product, some as long as ten years, proving the durability and confidence shown by the manufacturer, in their products.

Competitively priced

Capital Grass, Artificial lawn installers Oxted can provide competitively priced surfaces for all manner of uses. Businesses’ may use synthetic grass for internal lobbies and vestibules. Local councils often carpet communal play areas in tough man-made lawns. Certainly a number of schools use these types of areas rather than let the children run across muddy grass, especially in winter. Golf courses have been known to provide it for practice, and restaurants have used it on their terracing.

During the past thirty years there are been enormous improvements in the materials and design of artificial grass. The latest products have the look and feel of real grass without any of the problems and labour intensive issues.

You may be worried that artificial grass will look and feel ‘fake’, but ask to speak to your local artificial lawn installers Oxted homeowners rely on, and see their range of lawns. You’ll see they’re just as soft and lush as the real thing – perfect for Rex to sunbathe on!

Let Capital Grass, Artificial lawn installers Oxted provide you with all the information you may require to consider replacing, or installing synthetic matting on your premises for the first time.

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