Artificial Lawns Reigate

Reasons to choose Artificial Lawns Reigate

Artificial Lawns Reigate

As opposed to the constant care a lawn needs, artificial lawns Reigate need very little care. All you have to do is brush it with a hard bristled broom, and it’ll be looking it's best again in no time. That has to be better than spending hours in the garden tending to it, rather than sunbathing on it.

Local homes and businesses can benefit from the growing trend towards using artificial lawns Reigate in private, commercial, sports and government community help projects. The ease of use and maintenance make it suitable for a wide range of uses. Synthetic turf is eco-friendly and strictly regulated. They do not contain chemicals which are in any way hazardous to our environment or the general health of anyone using it. The sub-soil is protected during the long lasting life of these modern durable products. Synthetic grass actually reduces the amount of pollution; lawn mowers emit 100 times the amount of pollution compared to an ordinary car. The amount of water saved over a ten year lifespan of these types of products, could fill an Olympic swimming pool.

Artificial lawns Reigate citizens can enjoy

Artificial lawns Reigate are safe for children to play on and depending on the type chosen, are also suitable for family pets. It can be cleaned and washed as required and never loses colour or texture, and is very hard to damage, as witnessed by the fact that it is often used for sports training surfaces.

If the area needed to be covered is large then Installation is a quick and easy process by trained staff such as Capital Grass and will be undertaken without much upheaval to daily business requirements. However an individual will also be able to lay small areas in their own premises after studying the product details.

There is no need for watering, trimming becomes a thing of the past and mowing is a distant memory. Mud does not get trodden in where it is not needed, and weeds have to find somewhere else to rear their heads.

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