Are you worried that your golfing skills may be damaged by the UK weather? Capital Grass is delighted to offer the opportunity to install a weather proof surface which can help to keep your putting skills sharp throughout all times of the year.

Our artificial grass putting greens offer the ideal solution for all standard golfers to improve their putting and short game from the comfort of their own home. Therefore no more excuses the next time you lose when out on the course!

How Can We Do This?

Gone are the days where artificial grass was an abrasive surface which had to be covered in sand. Thanks to significant advances in technology, we are now ideally positioned to offer our customers the opportunity to benefit from unbelievable looking, exceptional quality artificial grass which is almost identical to the hugely expensive natural putting greens, but at just a fraction of their price.

As Good As The Real Thing?

The artificial grass putting greens available from Capital Grass go a long way towards ensuring that the look, feel and responsiveness of the surface are as close as possible to a real golf course.

The cost, appearance and functionality of our putting greens are at levels which should appeal to everyone.

This unbelievable looking, top of the range artificial grass gives a perfect roll very similar to an actual putting green at some of the lowest prices on the market.

Low Maintenance

Whether you are looking to maintain your garden or home putting green, there can be little doubt that it takes significant time (and expense) to ensure the highest quality results.

Thankfully, because artificial grass is essentially maintenance free, the installation of an artificial putting green will consign the lengthy maintenance techniques to a thing of the past.

Long Term Options

We offer our customers a fully bespoke service and use only the highest quality grasses and materials to ensure a long term solution to your home golfing requirements.

Our artificial putting greens are designed specifically to provide the most realistic look and feel when playing. When combined with one of our amazing artificial lawn grasses to add a fringe to your green, you will soon begin to feel that you have very own miniature Augusta, right in your back garden.

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